Former L.A. City Council Member Convicted of Voter-Fraud, Perjury

Former Los Angeles City Council Member Richard Alarcon was convicted on three charges of voter-fraud and a count of perjury Wednesday in a case alleging he and his wife lied about where they lived so he could qualify to run for his council seat. Alarcon was acquitted on twelve other charges brought against him. His wife, Flora Montes de Oca, was also convicted on two counts of voter-fraud and one perjury count. 

In 2007 and 2009, prosecutors say, Alarcon falsely claimed he was living in a house in Panorama City so that he could run for the 7th Council District seat. In fact, Alarcon and his wife were residing in a home outside the district in Sun Valley at the time. 

Defense attorneys tried to convince the jury that the Sun Valley home was only temporary, claiming that the house in Panorama City was undergoing renovation. But statements by witnesses undermined those claims. 

Carolyn Jackson, a former Department of Transportation employee, testified that Alarcon had once even admitted his wrongdoing. 

"You know, I wasn't even living in the district when I was elected," Jackson quoted Alarcon as saying.

Wendy Greuel, who was serving on the council at the time, also testified in the case, saying Alarcon had once asked to move his Sun Valley home from her district into his.

Sentencing is set for September 10. Alarcon faces up to six years in state prison; his wife faces up to five years.  

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