L.A. City Attorney Seeks End to Marijuana Farmers Markets

Thousands of people flocked to California’s first ever marijuana farmers market on July 4 and, since then, the operation’s success has shown no signs of slowing. But if Los Angeles City Attorney Mike Feuer has his way, those events will soon become a thing of the past. 

The city attorney has requested an injunction to stop the markets, calling them a violation of city land-use and public nuisance laws. The lawsuit, brought against the West Coast Collective, was announced by the city attorney’s office Monday. It cites a violation of city zoning codes and Proposition D, which regulates medical marijuana dispensaries in the city.

“The voters of Prop. D never contemplated concentrating multiple businesses at one location,” Feuer said. “We allege this is a marketing strategy designed to circumvent the letter and the spirit of Prop. D and it does, we allege, violate other city land use laws and we’ve argued creates a public nuisance.”

Feuer claims the operation did not obtain the necessary zoning approvals to hold such an event. He also claims it “violates California’s unfair competition law and detracts from the quality of life of the community and unjustly enriches the defendants.”

West Coast Collective’s attorney David Welch accused Feuer of making “wild” and unsubstantiated allegations and said his actions violate the will of voters. 

The West Coast Collective in Boyle Heights featured some 50 cannabis vendors, selling multiple strains of marijuana, during the farmers market on July 4. Nearly 16,000 medical marijuana patients showed up for the event with lines stretching around the block.

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