Lodi City Council Approves New City Manager and City Attorney

In a unanimous vote Wednesday, the Lodi City Council appointed former City Attorney Steve Schwabauer to the city manager position. Schwabauer has been serving as Lodi’s interim city manager since February. 

“I kind of feel like somebody said ‘yes’ to me again, and it’s pretty overwhelming,” Schwabauer said. “I don’t take it lightly. I will honor my vow to my wife and to my children, and the town that I love, and all of you. Thank you for your trust.” 

Schwabauer is taking over for former City Manager Rad Bartlam who is now serving as city manager of Chino Hills. He will earn $179,025 per year as city manager, over 20 percent more than he was making as city attorney.

Vice Mayor Larry Hansen called Schwabauer “a man of great honor and integrity,” while Council Member Alan Nakanishi described him as a fair and tireless worker.

“Steve, I’m very happy that you’re taking this position, and I thank you for taking this position,” Nakanishi said.

The council has also unanimously approved Janice Magdich’s appointment to the city attorney position after a three-month interim stint. Magdich will earn an annual salary of $140,000, just over 30 percent more than she was earning as Deputy City Attorney.

Council Member JoAnne Mounce praised Magdich’s professional yet aggressive legal style, calling it a great asset for a city attorney.

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