Oakland Mayor Jean Quan Was Using Phone During Car Crash, Driver Alleges

Only a few days after being spotted and photographed using her phone behind the wheel, Oakland Mayor Jean Quan was recently involved in a car accident, and the driver of the other vehicle alleges that the accident occurred when Quan ran a red light while on her phone. Quan was uninjured, and the driver of the other car reported pain as a result of the crash, but no one was taken to the hospital.

A police officer released a statement that the circumstances of the accident are under investigation, but they can confirm Quan was involved. While the driver of the other car reports cell phone usage during the time of the crash, Quan said in no unclear terms that she “was absolutely not on the phone.”

The police investigators will be requesting phone records from Quan’s phone company in order to determine who is telling the truth. Quan said in her statement that the phone records will prove she was not on the phone at the time. However, the phone records may not provide definitive proof. In the previous incident, Quan did admit she was using her phone to look up directions to an event; an act she said was legal, though a highway patrol officer disagreed

In an interview regarding the previous incident, Quan apologized for using her phone while behind the wheel. When the interviewer asked if she would use her phone again while driving, she replied, “I’m going to try not to.”

Either way, some expect this incident to add another speed bump in Quan’s bid for re-election in November. 

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