San Francisco Mayor Ed Lee Spotted Parking Illegally

Only a few weeks ago, Oakland mayor Jean Quan was spotted using her cell phone while driving. A few days later, she was then involved in a car accident. Onlookers said that she was using her phone when this incident occurred as well.

Right across the bay, San Francisco Mayor Ed Lee was also spotted by residents getting into his own version of a road-related mishap. A twitter user spotted what appears to be Mayor Ed Lee parking illegally outside of Devil’s Teeth, a baking company in the Sunset neighborhood of San Francisco.

Ed Lee was spotted only days ago by a blogger, also parked illegally, this time in front of a bus stop, causing the bus to have to load passengers away from the curb. A spokesperson said that the vehicle actually was being driven by an SFPD officer, not Mayor Lee when it was parked illegally.

Lee’s officer has yet to respond to the incident on Tuesday.

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