Woodland City Council Moves to Limit E-Cigarette Use

Yet another city has decided to stub out electronic cigarettes in public. 

The Woodland City Council voted unanimously Tuesday to adopt an ordinance banning the popular, smokeless devices in public places and within 20 feet of any commercial buildings.

Under the ordinance, e-cigarettes are given the same treatment as traditional cigarettes. That means they will also be prohibited at city parks, as well as the Buchignani and Camarena ball parks, Community Swim Center, Municipal Swim Pool, and the Woodland Public Library. They are already prohibited at Woodland High School and the Community Stadium as part of school policy.

 "While e-cigarettes are too new for longitudinal studies on their health effects, current research indicates that chemicals contained in e-cigarettes may be harmful and that vaping does release contents of e-cigarettes into the air," according to the ordinance.

Tuesday’s vote comes nearly two months after the City of Davis passed similar restrictions on e-cigarettes. Other cities to pass such bans include Carlsbad, Los Angeles, Richmond, and Walnut Creek. In April, Yolo County Supervisors added the devices to the county’s own public smoking ban

Read more about Tuesday’s vote here.