$7.54 Billion State Water Bond to Appear on November Ballot

A $7.5 billion water bond made it through the Legislature on Wednesday after months of back-and-forth political haggling. In November, the measure will ask voters to approve $7.5 billion in borrowing for water projects. More specifically, the money will be going towards funds for new reservoirs, water cleanup, and environmental protection.

Governor Jerry Brown signed the measure shortly afterward it was approved by Legislature. Brown called it an "amazing convergence over a big idea.” He went on to say that California is going to need a lot of water in the future, and that the state needs to ensure its water supply is used in the most efficient way possible.

The Assembly passed the measure 77 to 1, and the Senate voted unanimously in favor of it. The approval came about so easily because it followed months of contention and negotiation. Democrats argued with Republicans, agriculture interests were pitted against environmental interests, and several different interests based on regions also squared off. Each was looking to secure a share of the potential money in order to fund projects.

 A detailed outline of what the bond money will be allocated towards can be read here.