Arrest Rate in California Senate Higher than State’s Largest Cities

This year, 3 of the 40 members of the California State Senate have been arrested. To put that in perspective, this is double the statewide arrest rate, and higher than the arrest rate in any of California’s 25 most populous cities.

For anyone that needs a refresher course, here is a bit of background on the three Senate arrests this year. State Senator Ron Calderon was arrested in February for allegedly taking bribes from a film executive and a former hospital CEO. State Senator Leland Yee was arrested the month after in March for allegedly taking bribes and trafficking in firearms. State Senator Ben Hueso was arrested just last week on suspicion of drunk driving. Honorable mention goes to Roderick Wright, a senator that was convicted of perjury and voter fraud charges in January, but was arrested last year.

The statewide rate for all of California was 1.3 arrests per 40 residents, according to data amassed from the FBI and State Department of Justice. If the parameters were narrowed down to only include Californians between 10 and 70, the arrest rate was still only 1.6 per every 40 residents.

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