ICMA Highlights Achievements in Local Government Technology

The International City/County Management Association’s technology section compiles stories of advancement in local government, and they recently highlighted a few recent stories of municipalities embracing technology to make their governments more open, accessible, and efficient.

For example, in Palo Alto, the city held an event called the Palo Alto Apps Challenge where residents were challenged to create a mobile application that enhanced communication with government and Palo Alto citizens. Several creative and potentially game-changing apps were presented to the city. The winning app was created by a college student, who—along with the help of friends—created an app that turned government interaction into a game, where challenges could be completed by residents and redeemed for coupons at local businesses and restaurants.

But Palo Alto’s embracing of technology is only the tip of the iceberg. All across the country, local governments are making huge technological strides, so make sure you keep up! These could soon be the norm in your city.

Get more information about ICMA’s technology section here.


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