Issues with LAPD Crime Statistics Prompt Investigation

A recent Los Angeles Times investigation revealed shocking information that the LAPD underreported violent crimes. In response, the department’s civilian watchdog said he would launch an investigation into the department’s statistics and the accuracy of the LA Times report. Alex Bustamante, inspector general for the Police Commission, will be examining crime data recorded by the LAPD over multiple years to assess the data’s validity. The previous report found that the LAPD misclassified 1,200 serious violent crimes as only minor offenses during a recent one-year period. If these offenses were classified correctly, the number of serious assaults in Los Angeles would be almost 14% higher than reported by the department. Overall, violent crime would also jump up 7% if the numbers by the LA Times are proven accurate.  Members of the police commission overseeing the department were concerned by these findings, saying that inaccurate reporting leads to officers and the public having a faulty understanding of crime in the city. LAPD officials say that the report has already prompted changes in the way the police department records crime.

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