South Pasadena School Shooting Thwarted by Authorities

Police have arrested two South Pasadena High School students who were allegedly plotting a mass shooting at the opening of the new school year

Monday’s arrests came just days after the apprehension of two teens who had made separate threats against Santa Clarita Valley schools on social media. While the Santa Clarita cases appear to be hoaxes, authorities have painted a much more sinister picture of the latest threat out of South Pasadena.

"As they put it, they just wanted to kill as many people as possible," said South Pasadena Police Chief Art Miller. "They had a very specific plan on how they were going to carry out their sick mission."

Law enforcement said the students, ages 16 and 17, conducted thorough research on weaponry and methods for disarming police. l The plot was discovered through careful internet surveillance following a tip from someone in the community last week. So far, the two boys have denied any plans to shoot up the school.

The FBI will be working with local law enforcement during the ongoing investigation. In the meantime, police have already stepped up their presence at South Pasadena High School, as well as several others.

Mayor Marina Khubesrian tried to assuage fears of a copycat incident and insisted city officials are doing everything they can to ensure safety.

“I think that's very reassuring for the parents to know that the city council has made it a priority for the police department to work with the schools to ensure safety given the culture of recent shootings,” Khubesrian said.

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