Arcata Selects New City Manager

The City of Arcata has selected environmental services deputy director, Karen Diemer, as its next city manager pending approval of her contract on October 16.

Diemer, an 18-year veteran with the city, was chosen after a nationwide search. She is replacing Randy Mendosa who retired in July after five years on the job.

"She has a unique understanding of both the ins-and-outs of City Hall as well as a thorough understanding of the unique attributes of Arcata in terms of the broader community," said Mayor Mark Wheetley. "She excelled out of a very rigorous selection process. In the end, she was the top candidate."

Diemer is expected to take over on December 1. Her initial tasks will include working with the Budget Task Force to eliminate the city’s structural deficit and assessing reorganization strategies in the wake of several key retirements. Interim City Manager Janet Luzzi will continue to carry out the city manager duties until then.

“I really look forward to bringing continuity of core services, making them cost effective and helping preserve our quality of life,” Diemer said, calling Arcata a progressive, first-rate community. “I’m really proud to work for both,” she added.

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