Media reacts to report on Women in local leadership

The Sacramento Bee and National Public Radio both have stories on a new report that shows women occupy just 30% of local elected offices in California

The Bee included a map showing which cities were electing women to local public office, and which were not.  Meanwhile, Capitol Public Radio’s Katie Orr filed this report, which notes the women this fact about the women that are elected. “On average they tend to lean Democratic and are largely white.”

The comprehensive survey from the Leadership California Institute included an analysis of city, county

Among the report’s other key findings:

While at the state, county and city level, women comprise fewer than 30% of all elected officials. At the school   board level however, women fare far better, with 47% of all school board  members being women.

California’s local governments lack ethnic diversity; of all female city  officials, only 14% are Hispanic, 3% API and 3% African American. These figures are even lower at the County level.

You can read the full report here