Riverside City Manager Scott Barber to Retire

Riverside City Manager Scott Barber will step down by year’s end, according to a statement released by city spokesman Phil Pitchford on Wednesday.

The announcement comes at a time of immense pressure between Barber and two of the city’s council members. In complaints filed earlier this year, Barber alleged that Paul Davis and Mike Subirous had created a hostile work environment by threatening his ouster. A subsequent investigation found that the allegations against Subirous were inconclusive, and the council took no further action. In Davis’ case, however, it was determined that he may have interfered with Barber’s job performance and violated the city’s charter.

Barber has served as Riverside’s city manager since 2011 and had previously spent six years with Riverside’s community development department. During his tenure, he oversaw three consecutive years of balanced budgets and the dissolution of the city’s redevelopment agency. Under his leadership, Riverside also earned various accolades, including Intelligent Community of the Year, the No. 1 Green Fleet in America, and a designation as one of the “coolest” towns in America by Forbes Magazine.

“Scott has been a focused and innovative city manager and community development director who always has looked for ways to improve the city where he lives and has raised a family,” said Mayor William “Rusty” Bailey.

Barber has not yet offered a comment on his decision.

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