3 Tips to Ace Your Interview

A Special Report written for CaliforniaCityNews by BOLT Staffing, Inc.


3 Quick Tips You Can't Do Without

Landing an interview for a municipal job is no small feat.  At this step in the process your goal is to get to the next round of interviews.  Here are three tips to get you there.

1.    Wear a Suit

The trend toward “business casual” dress in the private sector has not reached government agencies.  Professional attire is still expected for interviews. The good news is this is an unambiguous standard.  Be sure you know what it means. To help, we have an excellent graphic developed by the Purdue University Center for Career Opportunities. Following it to the letter will ensure that you are judged on your merits and not your appearance.  Download it and keep it for future interviews or other situations where there is a question of appropriate workplace attire.

2.    Do Online Research

Who are you interviewing with?  Read their LinkedIn profile; do you have mutual connections?   Google them:  what kind of press coverage have they had lately?  Check the city or agency’s website to learn about departments, key issues and major projects.  If your interview includes elected officials make sure you know about their professional backgrounds and political leanings.  Learning from online sources will make you more comfortable and make it much easier to establish rapport with your interviewer(s).  

3.    Arrive Early

This is the era of cell phones and GPS!  There is no excuse for showing up late.  Nonetheless, these old school measures will ensure you arrive on time: -Plan for traffic: do a dry run several days in advance and know where to park. -On the day of the interview have your car parked half an hour before the interview starts.  Take the time to collect yourself and enter the building 10 minutes before start time.

BOLT Staffing has been filling temporary and contract municipal jobs for years.  We have experience on both sides of the interview table and we are ready to help you whether you are seeking a municipal assignment, or looking for your organization’s next contract superstar.  We can be reached toll free at 844-BOLT JOB or 1-844-265-8562.


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