Interim City Manager Jim Holgersson Tapped for Modesto City Manager Position

The search for Modesto’s next city manager has come to a close with the selection of Interim City Manager Jim Holgersson. On Monday, the city council voted 7 to 0 to begin contract negotiations with Holgersson, a distinguished official with more than 35 years of public sector experience.

Holgersson signed on as Modesto’s Interim City Manager in May, following the departure of City Manager Greg Nyoff. His long resume includes work for the cities of Arlington and Waco Texas; Kalamazoo, Michigan; San Jose, California; and Germantown, Tennessee.

Holgersson says he wasn’t initially planning on vying for the job, but changed his mind when he saw how devoted the city’s residents were. He was ultimately the only finalist for the position after Rocklin City Manager Ricky Horst dropped out of consideration. According to Mayor Garrad Marsh, the decision was a simple one to make with Holgersson receiving unanimous support from a community panel.

“He’s got the experience,” Marsh said. “He likes the city; he likes the community. I think he’s going to be a very good fit.”

Holgersson’s top priorities include education improvement, development of the downtown area, shoring up finances, and attracting jobs. He and other city officials are in talks with Modesto school officials on how best to further the city’s education goals.

While Holgersson has received praise from most of his former colleagues, he faced criticism while serving as city manager in Arlington. Holgersson resigned from that position after a 2011 study concluded he lacked confidence from his team. He has since described the study as largely political.

Holgersson’s contract is expected to come before the city council for approval next month.

Read more about Holgersson here.


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