Stockton Council Member Michael Tubbs Apologizes After DUI Arrest

Another day, another DUI scandal—this time in the troubled City of Stockton.

Stockton City Council Member Michael Tubbs, 24, was arrested Saturday on suspicion of DUI. Police say he was speeding on Highway 99 near Hammer Lane around 3:50 a.m. when a CHP officer pulled him over and observed that he was intoxicated. After his apprehension, Tubbs was booked at the San Joaquin County Jail.

Tubbs issued a statement Monday, acknowledging the incident.

“On Friday evening, I made a poor decision to drive when I should not have,” Tubbs said. Although he believed he was “within the legal limits to drive,” he admits he shouldn’t have gotten into the car. Tubbs apologized for his actions and expressed embarrassment over his poor use of judgment.

According to the CHP, Tubbs had a blood alcohol content of .137, well above the .08 limit.

Tubbs’ arrest was the focal point of the city council meeting on Tuesday, where he faced both criticism and expressions of forgiveness. Former Council Member Ralph Lee wanted the council to formally admonish Tubbs, but no such action took place.

Tubbs is the youngest council member in Stockton’s history and one of the youngest elected officials in the nation. The Stanford graduate rose to national prominence during his run for the council in 2012, earning the public support of Oprah Winfrey.

Mayor Michael Silva hopes Tubbs’ arrest can serve as a teachable moment.

“Everyone knows that I believe in second chances. This is a city of second chances,” Silva said. “He made a mistake. Hopefully, it will be a learning lesson. The most important thing was that nobody was injured.”

Read more about the incident here.


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