Encinitas City Manager Announces Resignation

Encinitas City Manager, Gus Vina, announced his resignation Tuesday, having accepted the same position in another city in Northern California. Vina’s departure will conclude his three-year run with Encinitas which was described, at times, as tumultuous.

Vina is a native of Cuba who grew up in the Sacramento area. He held numerous management positions in the capital city before becoming interim city manager there. In 2011, the Encinitas City Council hired him to replace retired city manager Phil Cotton. His current salary stands at $ $216,300 per year.

Vina said he’s proud of what he has accomplished over the past three years. His achievements, he noted, include successful management of construction for Encinitas Community Park, which will officially open next month; the renovation of Moonlight Beach facilities; resuming the city’s Housing Element project; and the establishment of a fire response unit in Olivehain.

Vina’s tenure, however, was not always a smooth one. The city faced a number of challenges while Vina was on board, including the passage of controversial Proposition A, tense labor negotiations, and the sudden death of one of the city’s council members. In addition, some council members had complained about his performance, sparking rumors that he had been forced out of the position.

“I think he felt a bit challenged in meeting certain council members’ expectations,” said Mark Muir, adding that Vina still did “a good job” for the city.

Council Member Lis Shaffer also praised Vina’s overall performance, especially when it came to budget control, but said he “should have known we needed taxable bonds, and he should have raised it sooner in the process.”

Vina insists that the decision to leave Encinitas was his own. When asked, he was unable to disclose which city he is departing for—saying only that it is a stone’s throw from Sacramento.

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