California cops, cities offer new marijuana legislation

As California heads toward a potential vote on the legalization of marijuana, a new bill and supported by law enforcement and the California League of Cities is seeking to regulate medical cannabis.

Assembly Bill 266, by Assemblyman Ken Cooley, D-Rancho Cordova, would create statewide regulations, but locals would continue to have control over licensing medical marijuana growers and dispensaries.

The bill is a dramatic shift in the politics of pot. Up until now, law enforcement has been strongly opposed to any legislation that would offer any kind of official sanction for medical marijuana.

That opposition has helped kill pot-regulation legislation in Sacramento over the last several years.

The new proposal from Assemblyman Steve Cooley would allow the state to issue a conditional license for a medical pot dispensary. Locals be charged with OKing and distributing the actual licenses for growers, transporters and dispensaries to operate.

The proposal would also set some quality standards and controls for cannabis products.