Candidate For L.A. City Council Served With Lawsuit During Debate

Viewers of Wednesday’s Los Angeles City Council debate got a big surprise when candidate Sheila Irani was served with a lawsuit right in the middle of the event.

Irani, who is running to replace District 4 Council Member Tom LaBonge, was served on behalf of her neighbor, Eugene Matthews. The man claims that Irani cut down and pruned several trees on his Hollywood Hills property last summer, resulting in a loss of at least $50,000 in tree value. He is now seeking unspecified damages, alleging negligence, trespass and unjust enrichment.

According to the suit, Matthews was met with defiance when he first approached Irani about the incident.

“I am not going to let your trees mess up the view of my $3.4 million home," Irani purportedly told him.

The complaint further alleges that "assorted male guests" of Irani are now able to peer directly into the room of Matthews’ daughter, causing his family undue concern and stress.

Well, that's creepy.

Read more about the lawsuit here.