Palm Springs considers assistance for displaced renters

The condo-ization of Palm Springs is displacing dozens of city residents, as more and more apartment buildings are turned into individual units and put up for sale, or being torn down to make way for new condominiums.

But under a new plan being considered by the Palm Springs City Council, help may be on the way for those displaced by to local housing boom.

The proposal by Mayor Pro Tem Paul Lewin, mirrors those already in place  in several California cities requiring developers to help cover rents and despoits for those displaced by the ondo transition.

Others on the council expressed support for some type of relocation assistance requirement and directed city staff to work on drafting a policy.

The Desert Sun report Mayor Steve Pougnet and Lewin say they will work with staff to bring an ordinance back to the full council "fairly quickly."

“Palm Springs is experiencing a burst of condominium construction, and rents are on the rise locally and nationwide thanks to an improving economy and low rental housing inventory.

“Los Angeles requires a relocation payment of $2,000 or $5,000 if the renter is disabled, while Palm Desert requires $1,000 in 2006 dollars or doubled that amount if the person is disabled, a senior citizen or low-income, according to the survey by Palm Springs staff.”