L.A. City Council Approves Temporary “Mansionization” Restrictions

The Los Angeles City Council approved new temporary restrictions Wednesday aimed at curtailing so-called “mansionization” in 20 L.A. neighborhoods.

Under the Neighborhood Conservation Interim Control Ordinance, 15 neighborhoods will see temporary limits on the size of single-family dwellings. Five other neighborhoods which are being considered for historical status will also see a two-year moratorium on demolition and building permits.

The new rules are meant to halt the city’s bourgeoning “McMansion” craze, while officials works to develop permanent regulations. The decision comes amid numerous complaints from city residents who say their neighborhoods are being overrun by towering, residential behemoths.

The city council attempted to tackle the issue back in 2008 with the passage of the Baseline Mansionization Ordinance, but loopholes in the law left it without much teeth. The subsequent explosion of these “out-of-scale developments” now threatens the cohesion and character of many neighborhoods, according to a city report.

The following neighborhoods will be affected by Wednesday’s unanimous vote: Valley Village; South Hollywood; La Brea Hancock Neighborhood; The Oaks of Los Feliz; Miracle Mile; Larchmont Heights; Lower Council District Five; Beverlywood; Inner Council District Five; Fairfax Area; Bel Air; Faircrest Heights Neighborhood; Kentwood; Mar Vista/East Venice; Old Granada Hills; Sunset Square; Carthay Square; Holmby-Westwood; Oxford Square; and El Sereno-Berkshire Craftsman District.

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