City offers training on how to cope with majority-female council

Women currently hold seven of the 11 seats on Austin’s City Council.

Clearly, this is a bit too much for some Texans to handle.

To respond to the gender change, a two-hour training session was held earlier this year to, um, help people cope, or something like that.  

The Austin American-Statesman reports: “Apparently this represented such a huge change in governance that the city manager’s office thought the city staff who regularly interact with the City Council needed extra training – in the form of a two-hour training session in March with two speakers from Florida – on how to talk to a female-dominated City Council after decades of rule by men.

“The first speaker was Jonathan K. Allen, who was a city manager of the relatively small Lauderdale Lakes, Florida. Allen was considered an expert in this field because his local city commission was all-female. His advice included:

  • Women ask lots of questions.
  • Women don’t want to deal with numbers
  • Women are taking over, Hillary Clinton will only encourage this

These and other pearls of wisdom are available in the full training video, which is available here