Longtime West Hollywood Councilmember Returns with Special Election Win

A WeHo stalwart returns after only three months out of office!

Former Mayor John Heilman is slated to rejoin the city council after garnering 47 percent of votes Tuesday night.  He crippled his closest competitor community activist Heidi Shink by an 841 vote margin. Heilman acknowledged his victory with a Facebook status saying, “I look forward to joining my colleagues on June 15th and continuing the amazing work for the city we all call home.”

Heilman’s reclaiming of a seat comes after a narrow 68-vote loss in the West Hollywood at-large election this past March. Prior to this defeat, he had served continuously on the West Hollywood council since the city’s incorporation in 1984.

The councilman’s briefly broken streak is an omen of inevitable further change. The WeHo City Council will see more significant turnover in the coming years as term limit changes passed back in March of 2013 limit members to three four-year terms.

See the full election results here.

For further reading on the election, see here. 

Image Credit: Flickr User c0det, https://flic.kr/p/8JDWfZ by (CC BY-SA 2.0)