Los Angeles Will Reinstate Ban on Park and Beach Vending

Angelenos will have to do away with some of their favorite treats at beaches and parks this summer, following a recent vote by the Los Angeles City Council. On Tuesday, council members opted to reinstate a ban on unpermitted vending at the city’s parks and beaches, and that means everything from elote to yoga classes are getting the old heave ho.

Similar rules against unpermitted vending were previously suspended by the city as a result of lawsuits. But now that the legal threat is over, the council has decided to bring them back. Tuesday’s vote greenlights the drafting of new rules that include escalating fines and even misdemeanor charges against vendors who sell their goods without city approval. The move deals a major blow to tens of thousands of street vendors who make a living selling their wares to eager passers-by.

“It’s short-sighted,” said Joseph Villela, director of policy and advocacy for the Coalition for Humane Immigrant Rights of Los Angeles. “It continues to do something that hasn’t worked.”

Tuesday’s vote was 13 to 2 with Council Members Gil Cedillo and Curren Price dissenting.

Supporters of the ban have said it is necessary to protect the city from lawsuits and prevent the over-commercialization of parks and beaches. Attorneys for the city will now draft the new rules, which are expected to come before the council for approval later this week.

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