City of Santee Looking for a New City Manager

They have hired outside firm Bob Murray & Associates to carry out the search.

Santee City Council released former City Manager Keith Till in May 2014, who had served the city for 14 years. Since then, Pedro Orso-Delgado, previously a deputy city manager was tapped to fill in as interim city manager. Orso-Delgado held the position for 13 months before being let go last month.

Bob Murray & Associates has helped more than 200 agencies find city managers as well as numerous other positions for various local government positions.

Santee expects an appointment to be made by mid-December.

Bob Murray & Associates also gave the guarantee that if a recommended candidate is terminated within the first year of employment, the company would conduct a follow-up search at only the cost of expenses.

More on Santee’s City Manager search can be found here.