Troubles Continue for Hawthorne Mayor Chris Brown

Bounced checks and a looming eviction are just the start.

Mayor Chris Brown is now facing a third eviction proceeding due to his overstaying his lease in a sublet apartment, he was also nearly evicted in April and August of this year. He also owes a previous landlord roughly $11,000.

Brown’s personal financial issues go beyond this with unpaid debts on a $20,000 loan and charter flights. It crosses over into his job as he recently bounced the $1,000 check to pay for his ballot statement for the upcoming campaign, although he did eventually pay it.

All this comes after Hawthorne’s municipal finances were found to be a complete wreck, and that is putting it mildly. The city now faces all kinds of cuts to balance the budget. Line item cuts include weeks of furloughs, frozen sick and vacation time, cutbacks in training, supplies, and contract services.

But hey, that $20,000 redesign of Brown’s office looks sweet!

Currently, Brown stands poised to gain another term as mayor, with the election just six weeks away.

The full back story on Mayor Brown’s saga can be found at the Daily Breeze, linked here.



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