Carson City Clerk Facing Censure, Possibly More

What to do, what to do?

Jim Dear is currently Carson’s City Clerk, but his history with the city goes back more than a decade as residents have elected him to various positions time and again.

Upon being elected City Clerk in 2014, staff at City Hall have reported Dear’s creation of a hostile work environment.

An independent report commissioned by the city manager contained staff descriptions of “irrational and erratic behavior,” “mood swings and extreme anger, yelling and cursing in the office,” and “racist comments about African Americans, regularly [bullying] people in City Hall.”

Dear shrugs off the allegations as something made up by envious political foes.

Regardless, Carson City Council will vote to censure and limit Dear’s City Hall activity today.

For those curious about how Dear might be removed from office, the L.A. Times lists two options possible. One, a good old fashioned recall election, as Dear is an elected City Clerk. Two, a quo warranto case. Simplified, quo warranto amounts to a court deciding whether or not someone is physically or mentally capable unfit for duty or unable to perform a job. However, The Times notes that misconduct is not grounds to be deemed unfit.

The complete story on Jim Dear’s pending censure can be found here.

Image Credit: Flickr user deepphoto, by (CC BY 2.0)