CityNews' New Podcast 'Closed Session' Takes on Special Session on Infrastructure

Hosted by CityNews Publisher Mike Madrid, Closed Session will tackle issues affecting local governments in California as they develop. This week, Mike is joined by Bill Higgins as they get to the bottom of this special session being held in Sacramento.


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With lawmakers in Sacramento today to hear Governor Brown's plan to finance almost $60 billion in infrastructure repairs, CityNews unveils its newest project, Closed Session.

A podcast focusing on all issues California, Mike Madrid will provide perspective from Sacramento as he brings in expert guests to speak on matters.

With earlier plans floating various new taxes for drivers and the roads, Republicans got to flex a little muscle knowing that the special session vote requires a two-thirds vote to pass the Governor's current plan. That is not to say a new tax of some kind is off the table, as Republican Senator Anthony Cannella of Ceres describes it to be the last option, "I'm not saying we shouldn't be having that discussion, but it's the last part of the discussion. There are so many other things we should be doing."

The plan being considered today would cost the average California motorist roughly $7 a month.

More from Fox40 on today's vote can be found here.



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