Computer Hackers Threaten City of Sacramento

The video will seem a little weird to those unfamiliar with the group.

In a message aimed at Sacramento police and city officials, a masked figure makes it known that the hacker group known as Anonymous has taken issue with Sacramento’s treatment of the homeless population.

The message calls specific attention to the recent arrests of some of the city’s homeless and activists who had been camping in front of the Sacramento City Hall in protest of the city’s anti-camping ordinance, which they feel targets homeless people more than anything.

Anonymous asked politely for an immediate 60-day moratorium on the ordinance while interested parties work toward a solution while making a good faith effort to accommodate the homeless. If the City of Sacramento doesn’t comply, the message threatens to unleash the “formidable talent of Anonymous” on the city.

Previous Anonymous exploits include taking various websites offline for extended periods of time as well as releasing information to the public, such as the recent exposing of hundreds of alleged members of the Ku Klux Klan in November.

View the video here:

Image Credit: Flickr User equinoxefr, via (CC BY 2.0)



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