Lynwood Offers Cash to Weight Losing Residents

“Cash for Chunkers” is a cleverly named program and a clever way to engage the community on weight and health issues.

The seventh incarnation of the program touts a first prize totaling $3,500 and has dozens of overweight residents doing laps and counting calories.

Teams of four meet every Saturday over three months to weigh in and check progress, similar to weight-loss reality shows. In between, the program allows those taking part to access to classes and other resources on nutrition, cooking, and exercise.

Lynwood’s Recreation and Community Services Department boss, Mark Flores, talked about the indirect benefits that reach more than just the individual on the scale, “"There's great concern among the student population about being overweight and we have to begin with the parents. If they get motivated to lose weight and are conscientious about it, that will help their kids.”

Flores added that over 1,200 residents have participated in at least one of the seven Cash for Chunkers with more than that continuing with routines developed during the program.

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