Three NFL Teams Apply for Relocation to Los Angeles

Nevermind the fact that the team might end up in a city not named Los Angeles, like Carson or Inglewood.

Nevermind the fact that all three teams lost more games than they won, L.A. is currently dealing with the Lakers anyway.

L.A. is another step closer to getting football back.

Whether it wrenches the Chargers out of San Diego, the Raiders from Oakland, or brings the St. Louis Rams halfway across the country, L.A. is one step closer.

The three teams have all filed paperwork for relocation to the Greater L.A. area. The last relocation the NFL saw was when the Houston Oilers packed up and headed to Tennessee to eventually become the Titans.

The support for the LA move is there too, Congresswoman Janice Hahn and City of Carson brass have been trumpeting support for a team with open arms for a while now. Saying, “…If you can't work it out with your respective cities, we will welcome you with open arms in Carson."

St Louis’ owner made things interesting when he proposed a $1.86 billion stadium project in Inglewood.

Oakland and San Diego forged an alliance, don’t worry there is precedent, for a $1.75 billion stadium in Carson. Oakland and San Diego are currently home to the two oldest stadiums in the NFL, so they are getting testy with their current cities. The City of St Louis, on the other hand, ponied up some cash and proposed a $1.1 billion stadium plan along St Louis’ north riverfront, $400 million of which is actionable public money.

The whole situation is still trudging through some very murky waters and a lot of things have to fall into place in order for the various plans to come to fruition, but here is one the CityNews hasn’t seen too much talk about.

What if L.A. (or whatever city in L.A.’s metro area builds the city) got two teams? The New York Giants and the New York Jets play in the same building which cost $1.6 billion and opened in 2010.

More on the NFL relocation developments can be found here.

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