FrontierFail Watch: Verizon Customers Still Facing Challenges Around SoCal

Frontier Communications continues to struggle with its acquisition of Verizon customers across California and the nation. a smattering of headlines from the last few days:

In Victorville "Anger swells as Frontier customers continue to struggle"

In the High Desert "Small businesses suffering after Frontier switch from Verizon"

In Oxnard "Frontier Communications customers fume as service glitches hit week three"

And then there's stuff like this, like all over the internet.

Residents have also started going stright to their councilmembers to complain. A Long Beach Councilmember was prompted to send this consituent communication.

the City has no jurisdiction or regulatory control over this company, which instead falls under the oversight of the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC). The City has contacted the CPUC directly and has asked them to intervene, as they are aware of the service disruptions happening throughout the region and have designated a commissioner to lead an investigation into the matter.

The sad irony here is that the CPUC may be the only entity in California under more fire than Frontier. And all this said, Frontier's stock is up.