LA Council Votes to Double Sick Leave

The Los Angeles City Council voted 14-1 requiring employers to provide at least six days annually of paid family and sick leave.

State law currently requires three paid sick days for employees. But the new city law will take effect Jul 1 of this year.

The sick days can be accrued and carried over into next year under the new plan. But employers can cap that at 72 hours, or 9 days, of sick leave.

The council also approved, by a 14-1 vote, a minimum wage hike last year that would increase the current rate to $15 gradually by 2020. This year the entire state has adopted this minimum wage hike. So, perhaps by this time next year the state will continue to mirror the City of Angels and increase sick days for all workers.

For now, employees within city borders can get sick a little more often without fear of losing pay.


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