NerdWallet Ranks Best Cities for Women in the Workforce

Working women, listen up! The website has crunched the numbers and determined the friendliest cities for women who bring home the bacon in 2016.

NerdWallet's study was based on 2014 census data for 529 cities across the United States. While the researchers found a lingering gender pay gap, some fared far better than others and, in seventeen cities, females actually outearned their male counterparts.

So where are these marvelous locales were working women do so well? The short answer: cold places. The top three were all in the state of Minnesota, in fact: Rochester (#1), Minneapolis (#2) and St. Paul (#3). Another Midwestern town, Iowa City, came in at #4, following by Denton, TX.

Redwood City, California also made NerdWallet's list at #10. The median salary for women there is nearly 10% higher than that of men, according to the data. There were only two other cities where women outearned men by a higher percentage: Gaithersburg, MD and Santa Barbara, CA.

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