Stockton Wants to Protect The Most Helpless in Society…Animals

An animal rights bill in the city of Stockton is reaching the next phase.

The Shelter/Free Roaming Animal Bill of Rights of Stockton aims to protect shelter animals and free roaming pets. In other words, your cat who walks the streets at night will have legal rights to walk the streets at night.

According to the proposal, the council is moving forward because “how we treat the animals with our city is a direct reflection of who we are as a community."

Stockton apparently wants to be seen as animal lovers by essentially awarding pets with Eighth Amendment rights. The bill asks for medical care for any injured free roaming pet, as well as clean, safe, and healthy environments for shelter environments.

Additionally, death penalties are nonexistent for animals. Euthanization due to overcrowding shlters will also not be allowed.

"We can and should do better to protect and care for the lives of those that are unable to help themselves," said city council members in the proposal. "We have a social, ethical, and moral obligation to do so.”

One can only wonder if that sentiment will be applied to other laws.


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