LA’s Homeless Problem Needs to Be Further Analyzed

The homeless population has been increasing in LA County rapidly. Both the county and city of Los Angles have responded to the issue with financial compensation.

Earlier this year, the City of Angels vowed to allot nearly $2 billion to combat the homeless problem that has been looming.

While, the plan is a great step forward, an editorial piece in the LA Times highlights some issues that need to be addressed before moving forward.

One of the biggest questions that has been lingering since the proposal came to fruition is: Where is this funding going to come from?

Additionally, where are we going to house people in an area where unaffordable housing is a factor creating homelessness?

As The times Editorial Board points out, we need to get to the source of homelessness in order to stop it and prevent it from getting even more dire.

Read the op-ed about the issues pertaining to homelessness at The LA Times.