Now Trending: #CityHall on Social Media

Harvard's Data-Smart City Solutions site has a piece up Now Trending: #CityHall on Social Media that looks at how cities are embracing social media and seeing tangible benefits. "By taking full advantage of social media, cities now have a relatively easy, low-cost way to hold two-way conversations with residents, reach previously disengaged populations, gauge public opinion, garner feedback, and even analyze posts to make more informed decisions about city services."

This is a long way from just a few years ago, when issues like records retention and risk management were the buzzwords at social media panels at local government conferences around the state. From electeds engaging younger constiuents to health agencies detecting illness outbreaks, there are a host of benefits outlined in the piece, which is among the best we've seen as a roundup of the reasons your agency *should* be on social media.

Check it out here.