Uber, Lyft Lose at the Ballot in Austin, Suspend Operations

While we've been reading about the ride sharing industry's success in California politics (see also here) the merging industry just received perhaps its largest setback yet -- a defeat at the ballot in the high tech hub of Austin, Texas. 

Uber sought to referend a decision made last year to require fingerprint background checks. It went... not so hot. Voters rejected the measure 56-44%. As written in Fortune Mag: "The Austin election marked the first time a major U.S. city has put the regulations to a vote. The vote was conducted after a petition drive by Ridesharing Works, the political group underwritten by Uber and Lyft."

Now both Uber and Lyft have suspended operations in the city. No ride sharing for you. 

See what they did there... "Austin City limits". Guess y'all have to take a taxi.

But we digress. You can read more ont he Austin vote form Inc magazine. Keep tabs on an Assembly bill by Adrin Nazarian that seeks the same regs for Uber statewide here in California.