Self-Driving Cars, Other Cutting-Edge Technologies Bound for Three California Cities

Los Angeles, Sacramento and San Jose are among 16 cities participating in an exciting new collaborative aimed at crafting cutting edge transportation programs and policies that could transform the future as we know it. At a meeting this month, they will gather to discuss a range of new innovations, including—you guessed it!—self-driving vehicles.

“We definitely see the future of autonomous vehicles and want to wrap our arms around it and make sure it is safe and equitable for the city of Sacramento,” said Sacramento city planner Fedolia Harris. “We want to be at the table. We want to contribute to early discussions. What are the big issues? How does it affect economic development?”

They aren’t the only ones. Nearly 60 cities applied to be part of the Smart Cities Collaborative. The effort is a result of a partnership between Transportation for America (T4A) and Sidewalk Labs. In addition to self-driving cars, the member cities will focus on the future of shared mobility and the use of data analytics for complex transportation networks and the achievement of environmental goals.