He Referred to Gay Men as “Fairies” and Called for a New Straight Pride Month. On Nov. 6, Voters Finally Kicked Him Out of Office.

It wasn’t even close. By a margin of 72.82% to 26.64% voters in Dixon, California have ousted the vice mayor who called gay men “fairies” with an inferior complex and proposed a new Straight Pride Month for American heterosexuals.

Ted Hickman made the comments over the summer in what he called a tongue-in-cheek column that he publishes in a personal newsletter. Despite the ensuing uproar, he refused to apologize or step down from office, instead doubling down and calling his critics “thin-skinned.”

On Nov. 6, voters got the last word. Hickman’s challenger for City Council District 2, Jim Ernest, was elected in a landslide. That brings Dickman’s combined 12 years on the Council — one term from 1968 to 1976 and another term beginning in 2014 — to a bitter end.