Fresno’s “Safe Exchange Zones” Take the Fear Out of Buying and Selling Online

If you’ve ever bought or sold something on Craigslist, you’re familiar with the anxiety that comes with meeting a stranger you found online. It’s not unwarranted either. There are bad people out there and high-profile cases of criminals and predators using online classifieds to victimize people abound.

Enter this genius program in the City of Fresno:

People looking for a safe place to exchange goods can now do so at the local police station.

Every Fresno Police District Station has an exchange zone with designated parking and video surveillance.

Fresno police are encouraging the public to use these “safe exchange zones,” not just for items, but for custody drop-offs and any other transactions that carry a risk to safety.

It sure beats those awkward meet-ups in the parking lot of Starbucks and CVS.