Pot Industry Urges L.A. to Get Tougher on Unregulated Weed

Illicit marijuana enterprises flourish unabated on the streets of Los Angeles. Now, the legal industry is begging for more to be done.

The Southern California Coalition, an L.A.-based cannabis industry group, penned a letter to City Hall Monday urging greater enforcement, the Associated Press reports

While the city has carried out a number of recent raids, the group says its failure to confiscate cash and products after these operations allows illegal businesses to get back on their feet. It's calling on the city to seize more assets from the illegal shops it busts.

The industry cites safety hazards posed by untested products. But the economic impact is the real issue. Los Angeles’ enduring black market has made it difficult if not impossible for many legitimate establishments to operate. The continued availability of cheaper, unregulated cannabis statewide is one of the primary reasons for California’s disappointing pot tax revenue.


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