Forbes Names The ‘Richest Cities in 2019’

Every year, the finance gurus at Forbes rank the world’s richest cities based on the number of billionaires who call them home. This year, two U.S. metropolises made the list, including one right here in California. Can you guess what they were?

If you said New York and San Francisco, you were right.

The City by the Bay ranked #7 with 42 billionaires worth a total of $109.2 billion. The city's richest resident, according to Forbes, is Facebook cofounder Dustin Moskowitz. He’s worth $11.1 billion.

Gee, no wonder the rent is too damn high.

New York topped the list with 84 billionaires and a total net worth of $469.7 billion. Michael Bloomberg remains its richest tenant.

The majority of the 8 other cities are in Asia.

Below is a complete list of Forbes’ Top 10 Richest Cities in 2019.

1. New York

2. Hong Kong

3. Moscow

4. Beijing

5. London

6. Shanghai

7. San Francisco

8. Shenzhen

9. Seoul

10. Mumbai

Data is compiled and reported by Forbes Magazine. Report does not reflect statistics on all U.S. or California cities.