Gruesome Gang Killings Horrify SoCal Residents

Over the past two years, MS-13 gang members have committed at least seven murders in the Los Angeles area, dumping the bodies of rivals in remote locations from Hollywood to the Malibu Hills. That’s according to a 78-page indictment against 22 people unsealed last week.

The killings, which were carried out by the group’s Fulton clique from the San Fernando Valley, have been described as “medieval” in nature. Victims were tortured and dismembered with machetes. One of them had his heart cut out.

Six of the slayings were carried out for initiation purposes. Two years ago, the group began requiring prospective members to kill someone before joining — a change that reflects the gang’s increasingly sadistic nature.

19 of the 22 defendants were in the country illegally, with most of them having migrated from Honduras or El Salvador. The majority of their victims were rival gang members or suspected ‘snitches,’ according to L.A. County District Attorney Jackie Lacey. A homeless man was also murdered.

While the city takes the threat seriously, L.A. Police Chief Charlie Beck said MS-13’s influence in the region is on the decline and that the gang is not even among the five most active in Los Angeles. However, MS-13 has attained national notoriety due to its unique level of brutality and a relentless focus from President Donald Trump. Despite its L.A. roots, Trump has continually tied the group to the broader problem of illegal immigration in the United States.

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