Livermore Bans E-Cigarette Sales

When San Francisco became the first California city to prohibit e-cigarette sales in June, the big question was which city would be next. Now we know.

Livermore, California has banned the sale of e-cigarettes, the San Francisco Chronicle reports. The city council approved the ban unanimously Monday.

Local retailers have expressed dismay and worry that the new rules will put them out of business. That was dismissed by Kristie Wang, co-founder of Flavors Hook Kids which lobbied for the ban.

“He'll find other things to sell,” she said in response to a quote from an anxious retailer (ABC 7).

E-cigarettes deliver fewer toxins to the lungs than traditional cigarettes and may help traditional smokers quit. Critics, however, say they are more enticing to children and teens because of their flavors and marketing.

Livermore’s ban will affect 71 businesses.