Three Women at the Center of One of Kern’s Biggest Crime Mysteries Are Lobbying for More Public Safety Funds

A group of women who believe their children may have been the victims of the same killer or killers in Bakersfield are now lobbying the Kern County Board of Supervisors for a one-cent sales tax measure to bolster public safety.

Diane Byrne, Cheryl Holsonbake, and Jane Parrent are the mothers of the so-called Bakersfield Three — two deceased young men and a missing young woman whose cases are believed to be connected by family members and crime sleuths.

After hearing about the funding issues plaguing the Kern County Sheriff’s Department, the women made an appearance before the Board of Supervisors, 23 ABC reports. They want to see a tax measure placed on the 2020 ballot.

The mother of [James] Kulstad said things have changed and that after hearing more about the county's public safety crisis during the previous meeting they want to help and do their part.

The three mothers also said they want to meet with the Bakersfield City Council especially after the measure N sales tax seems to be doing better than expected. They want to start collecting signatures and want the county's tax initiative to go only toward law enforcement and the coroner's office.

The three women were joined in their pleas by Kern Law Enforcement Association President Richard Anderson. He told the Board that money is the only solution to Kern’s current public safety crisis.