Criminal Charges Dismissed Against Former Riverside Councilman John Burnard

The State of Arizona has dropped all criminal charges against a former Riverside City Councilman accused of domestic violence two years ago.

The following press release details the case’s dismissal by a Superior Court judge upon recommendation from the prosecutor.



RIVERSIDE, CA --- All charges against former Riverside City Councilmember John Burnard have been dropped by the State of Arizona.

On July 15, 2019 at a pretrial conference with the Superior Court of Arizona, the state’s prosecutor recommended completely dismissing the case against John Burnard. Judge Lambert agreed with this recommendation and ordered all charges against Burnard to be dropped and his constitutional rights fully restored.

“John and I appreciate the support from our wonderful friends, neighbors, and community these last two years,” said John’s wife, Kathy Burnard. “We are grateful to no longer have this cloud hanging over our marriage and our family. With God’s grace we are now able to put this matter completely behind us.”

On July 3, 2017 John Burnard, the sitting council member for the City of Riverside for Ward 7, was arrested and charged for allegations of domestic violence in Lake Havasu, Arizona. Wishing to avoid a public spectacle as he worked to clear his name, Burnard resigned from the Riverside City Council on August 8, 2017.

“I was heartbroken when I resigned from the City Council,” John Burnard said. “I know I let a lot of people down in our community who had entrusted me to serve as their City Councilmember. While this choice was not taken lightly, it was the right one for me, my wife, our family, and the community as a whole.