State DOJ’s New Medical Cannabis Guidelines Eliminate Confusion, Give Law Enforcement a Path Forward

The California Attorney General’s Office has released new guidelines clarifying the state’s medical marijuana rules. The 16-page document contains no new regulations or information, but its succinct summary of the laws governing medical cannabis and its guidelines for law enforcement can be seen as a warning shot to illicit operators that the state is serious about upholding the law.

The AG hopes the document will help medical cannabis users better understand their rights. It also advises law enforcement on how to proceed when it encounters unlawful cannabis businesses.

It contains:

  • A history and summary medical marijuana laws
  • Guidelines for patients and caregivers
  • Best practices for medical cannabis use
  • A roadmap for state and local law enforcement
  • Guidance for collectives and operatives

“I think it’s a win that our state’s attorney general is reaffirming some of these things and taking more ownership,” cannabis lobbyist Adam Spiker told the Sacramento Bee

“I think they’re collating all these different laws and regulations into one document for the medical industry.”

Read the entire document here