The Internet is Going Wild For This 'Hot' Upland Cop

The Upland Police Department had no idea what kind of reaction it would get when it posted this photo to its Facebook page.

The post, which featured a tattooed Officer Jake Waste, was just a recruitment tool. But a number of people who saw the post just couldn't get past Waste’s good looks.

Messages began pouring in. The post went viral. Men and women vowed to “surrender” to the strapping cop. The smitten said he could handcuff them anytime.

Upland PD is happy to have the publicity.

“In the game of recruitment, all attention is good attention,” Police Chief Darren Goodman told ABC 7 News.

Waste seems to be getting a kick out of it too.

No matter how badly you want him, “do not come to Upland to break the law,” he joked.

Besides, rumor is he’s spoken for.

Image Credit: Upland Police Department